About ME

I'm a lover of the little things in life - the smell of spring after a long MN winter, my grandma's sweet iced tea on a summer day, passing below the Walt Disney World entrance at the very beginning of a trip, tiny wiggly Australian Shepherds, a fresh sugared lemon zest candle, cozy weekends at our family cabin in the hills, being an October baby, crisp fall air, driving with the windows down through the Florida Keys, pina coladas until the day I die and sunshine. GIVE ME ALL OF THE SUNSHINE.

I grew up on Sunday dinners, Disney trips & the world's best family. 


If you haven't noticed already, there's nothing I cherish more in this world than my family and my pup. After that, it's traveling. Put the two together? Nothing better. I love love love seeing the world with the people I love most. Check out a few of my favorite places I've visited below!

When I'm not shooting weddings, I'm snuggling my dog, Luca. Or on vacation.

United Kingdom

Cinque Terre, Italy
Costa Rica

Walt Disney World

My favorite places I've VISITED

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